Please note that some patterns will be more slim-fitting, and some will be looser. This information will be on the individual product pages, so please make sure to visit the page of the product you're interested in when figuring out sizing, as well as this page.

SCREEN-PRINTED SIZING The measurements shown here pertain to unprinted jerseys. All performance garments experience some shrinkage during the screen-printing process due to the high heat they are exposed to. An acceptable rate of shrinkage is 3-7%, which is what we generally see when we print our darker garments. Please take this into consideration, as well as the notes above, when you are figuring out your garment size. 

Please note that dark-coloured garments will absorb more heat in the screen-printing process than light-coloured garments. For example, you may find that your white jerseys are 1-1.5” longer than your black jerseys if you have a lot of screen-printing done. This does fit within the above 3-7% acceptable shrinkage rate. 

If you have any questions about sizing that have not been answered here, or about our size charts, please feel free to contact us at